Michelle Wie to retire after US Women Open

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Michelle Wie to retire after US Women Open

Former US women's golf prodigy Michelle Wie West told GolfWeek magazine that she will put her career on hold the day after the 77th US Women's Open which takes place next week at Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club in North Carolina As a young mother, the 32-year-old golfer is no longer able to train enough physically to take part in regular LPGA tournaments.

She says in particular that sometimes she struggles to hug her own daughter Makenna.

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“I exclude absolutely nothing”, concedes Michelle Wie West when the journalist evokes with her the possibility of a return but she explains the main reason for this early retirement: “Sometimes, when I play a lot of golf.

I only have the strength to go to bed. I can't carry my daughter (Makenna) and that worries me." Winner of the 2014 US Women's Open at Pinehurst, also in North Carolina, Wie, who rose to prominence when she was just 12, has had a career plagued by injuries.

This season, the American, a Stanford graduate, has only been able to line up in one tournament. Youngest player to have managed to qualify for an LPGA tournament, Michelle Wie has only five victories to her name, including this success at the major, when for the first time men and women played the US Open on the same course in a week apart.

In the early 2010s, tired of her media overexposure, the teenager joined Stanford University to pursue studies and get away from golf courses. In 2019, determined to live her life as a woman, she married Jerry West, the son of a famous basketball player with whom she had a daughter in 2020.

“Because I accomplished those two things (graduating from Stanford and winning the US Open), I think I'm very happy to announce this decision now. I think if I hadn't won the US Open, I would still be on the circuit week after week fighting for that US Open victory. I have no regrets because I feel like I always learned from every mistake I made"