England's Eddie Pepperell on the girlfriend's advice that influenced him

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England's Eddie Pepperell on the girlfriend's advice that influenced him

England’s Eddie Pepperell got off to a good start to his adventure at the Dutch Open and is just one shot behind leader Joost Luiten. He also explained how the girl influenced him. "Last year I was trying hard, I was turning up to tournaments and working a lot harder than I historically did.

I was getting home knackered. "Jen was like, 'What? What are you doing? You are used to playing majors blind when you were doing well [and] you didn't bother with practice rounds' I think she's got a point."

- he said, as quoted by skysports. The domestic audience is an additional motive for him. "It could have been better, but I can't be picky. I've been struggling a bit with my game, so it's great to see this score.

For some reason, I love playing in front of the home crowd."


Although his ranking is not as good as it was, his goal is to get back to where he belongs, but he will not have an easy task. "I'm trying to get back what I had, that is the most frustrating part.

When you are trying to get something back, it is infuriating because you know you can do it and your body is not responding. "That is where I have been at. My body has definitely been different the last couple of years.

My backswing is not as full and as a consequence that sets off a real terrible chain of events on the downswing. Over time, it deteriorates and then you lose confidence. "I have seen four or five coaches in the last 12 months.

The coach I am seeing now, I have spent some time with him in 2018 and I am just trying to put it all in a melting pot. It's not far away from where I used to play."