Will Zalatoris after losing the title in the PGA final: I know I’m going to get one

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Will Zalatoris after losing the title in the PGA final: I know I’m going to get one

Will Zalatoris is full of confidence and expects even better results in the next time and title, although he was close to it on the PGA Tour. "I know I’m going to get one,” he said, as quoted by golfmonthly.“It’s just a matter of time.

We’ve only got four a year and it's been a dream of mine to win a Major since I was a little kid.
“It's never going to be world No.1 or anything like that. It's been to win a Major. I grew up when I lived in San Francisco, my dad was a member at California Golf Club, and there's a shrine for Ken Venturi in there with his US Open trophy.

There's some of Ben Hogan's stuff in there. Being able to see that at a young age, and say, hey, I want to get one of those”.

PGA Tour final

Playing the PGA Tour final is a huge success, and he didn’t seem to expect such an outcome.

“The fact I was able to get into a playoff was huge,” said Zalatoris. “I fought like crazy all day. I really thought I needed to make a few birdies 12 through 15, and just was barely missing on the edges and speed got off a little bit.

I had a lot of putts uphill breaking a foot and a half, and they were just so hard to hit especially out here because you know they can run away from you. “I’m pretty proud of the result that I had. I think yesterday [Saturday] was really the day that looking back on it, I was pretty frustrated with.

Especially after missing the cut last week, I'm obviously pretty proud to be sitting in this position considering Saturday, I never thought I would have been.
“I always felt like I was one, two, three back and then once I saw Mito hit in the water on 18, I know that putt that I was going to have on 18 was probably to get into a playoff. So I will bottle that putt on 18 for the future”.