Famous golfer on Tiger Woods: "The more people say that he can't do it .."

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Famous golfer on Tiger Woods: "The more people say that he can't do it .."

Charles Howell III is a man who knows Tiger Woods well and is aware of the quality Woods possesses. In an interview for Golf.com’s Subpar podcast, Howell III referred to Woods and his withdrawal from the PGA Tour. Many believe Woods should think about his future, but Howell III believes Woods can go back to the top and prove he was written off early.

"I do, and I only say that because it is Tiger Woods. The more people that doubt him, the more people say that he can’t do it, he lives for that. I mean, that is why he gets up out of bed in the morning." - he said, as quoted by golfmonthly.

Tiger Woods has gained great fame by playing golf, and as Howell III confirmed finances are not a problem, and obviously Woods is not coming back for money, but his main motive is his love of golf and he seems unable to imagine his life without golf.

"Because, hey, listen, we all know financially he doesn’t need to play. We all know he loves hanging around Charlie and Sam. We all know he has different business ventures. So it’s not like he doesn’t have other things to do and other things to occupy his time."

Tiger Woods will be motivated

He believes this will motivate Woods like nothing so far and will silence critics. Woods' leg injury is causing him problems, but we'll see if he recovers successfully and is 100% ready.

We all want to see him dominate, but health can sometimes ruin plans. "He is only doing this to win. And trust me, there is a deep-seeded part of him in there that he is doing this also to prove people wrong. And when he gets bull-headed in that way, he usually does it." We'll find out soon if Tiger Woods is ready