Rory McIlroy: I want to work on that aspect

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Rory McIlroy: I want to work on that aspect
Rory McIlroy: I want to work on that aspect

Rory McIlroy in an interview with Golf Monthly talked about majors and mental strength: They’re the four toughest tests in golf. Maybe not so much in terms of scoring-wise, but certainly in terms of mentality. Coming down the stretch and trying to win a Major championship versus any other event is a little different, and that’s really when you know what you’re made of and the practice that you’ve put in, has it paid off? Are you able to handle that under the most intensive pressure?”- he said "I love doing what I’m doing.

I get up every morning and I have an opportunity to play golf for a living. I know if I play my game, I’ll have a handful of chances to win each year. It’s all about taking advantage of those opportunities”.

Rory McIlroy: I want to improve it

McIlroy is currently working on improving the swing. “I’m trying to get to a more neutral position at the top. Something that Michael Bannon and I are working on. Sometimes my right arm gets a little steep and the club gets across the line, so I’m just trying to keep that a little more neutral.

That’s a crucial point of focus at the minute”. McIlroy looked back on his childhood and what he had been thinking about as a child. He had dreams that he dreamed, and which he fulfilled. Great player indeed. “Chasing your dreams is key here.

I always go back to: ‘OK, what would 10-year-old Rory think of what you’re doing right now?’ And he’d love it, he’d absolutely love it. I think that’s the attitude you have to go with. You have to just realise that this is what I’ve always wanted to do in life, so you can’t bitch about it too much. It’s a pretty good life that I’m living”.

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