Mito Pereira: I would get out of school at 3, to the course at 4, it’s dark by 5:30

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Mito Pereira: I would get out of school at 3, to the course at 4, it’s dark by 5:30

Chilean Mito Pereira, in an interview for Off Course with Claude Harmon, spoke about his beginnings in the world of golf. His father was his role model, and watching his father, he also started to love the sport. Right from the start, it was clear that Pereira was a great talent and could have a great career.

“My dad used to play,” Pereira said, as quoted by “Just a weekend golfer, probably handicap 7. And I think my mom took me just one weekend, ‘Hey, let’s go watch dad at the course, at the club.’ I started obviously with plastic clubs, two or three years old.

First tournament was six. First international tournament was the Junior World, in San Diego, was at eight. And I started actually to have really good results. I liked it”. The following information speaks volumes about how much he loved golf: “I would get out of school at 3, get to the course at 4, it’s dark by 5:30,” he said.

Miro Pereira as a kid

Even as a boy he had a competitive spirit and loved to compete. Golf has proven to be a demanding sport and not at all easy, but it seems to have attracted him to dedicate himself to golf and become such a good player.

Even today, he strives to be one of the better ones, but sometimes it is not easy.
“I think when I was a kid, I really liked the competition,” he said. “And then I really liked the different things that you could do on the course.

I was always trying to hit draws, fades. Playing around, just playing golf. And then as I grew up, I realized that it was a really tough game. So I think now I like it, because you can never get enough of it. You can never get to perfection”.