Charles Howell III: I moved to Orlando because of Tiger Woods

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Charles Howell III: I moved to Orlando because of Tiger Woods

Charles Howell III spoke about his career and how he got to Tiger Woods, for GOLF’s Subpar
“So I moved to Orlando right out of college, and one of the reasons to move here was to be around Tiger Woods,” Howell said for GOLF’s Subpar.

“And, you know, he was the guy. I figured if I want to do this as a pro, let’s hang around maybe the best to ever do it. Training with him helped him to become a top player. “From practicing with him and playing with him at home and all that, it was clear that he was better than me at everything.

So it wasn’t just his driver, it was the 3-wood, it was the 3-iron, it was chipping, it was putting; like there wasn’t any weakness of this guy’s game at all. And we all remember, say very early on in his career, that he struggled a bit with his short irons, distance control some.

And John Cook and Mark O’Meara, who lived here in Orlando, he went to them for help. Within a period of a few months, he was the best in the world at that. So matter what it was, he was going to be better than you, and he just was.

And it was so great to play him in practice with him, but it was so humbling in the fact that I felt like every Tour event I went to, I was awful”.

Knost and Howell

Colt Knost had something to say about Tiger Woods “I mean, I knew he likes to talk some trash,” Knost said.

“But when you’re playing at home, does he make you aware that he is better at you at everything?” Howell responded “One-hundred percent he does,” Howell said. “And it never ends. And he loved going to Einstein Bagels at 5:30 in the morning.

So he would drag out of bed there, go up there, and it was always like a contest who got there first. Then it was who could eat the most. And then it was who could get back to Isleworth the fastest. Then it was who — and it was everything was a contest with the guy.