Cameron Starr, the most incredible 75 of all

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Cameron Starr, the most incredible 75 of all

Seventy-five unforgettable shots Twitter is an inexhaustible source of news regarding the making of scores that, for one reason or another, leave you speechless. Usually the protagonists are those registered for the qualifying events for the U.S.

Open. But sometimes the surprises come from tournaments for amateurs or, as in this case from a tournament of one of the many mini tours that are held in the United States. In this case we are talking about an event of the Minor League Golf, a mini circuit for professionals that has existed since 2004, and which since then has fielded more than 4000 players (it is however also open to amateurs who enter from qualifications).

96 of them today have the card on the PGA Tour or the Korn Ferry Tour. In 2012 a certain Brooks Koepka won the Money List ... The event that interests us took place on the fairways of The Florida Club on 25 and 26 May. The protagonist is Cameron Starr, a young pro from Jupiter.

Cameron Starr, story

What sparked the interest of the Twitter account Monday Q Info (@ acaseofthegolf1) was his first lap, which Starr finished in seventy-five strokes. Some of you, with good reason, might think that, after all, it is not such an out of the ordinary score, despite being above par.

But the peculiarity of this score is not the number of hits, but rather how it is formed. Yeah, because Cameron was + 11 on the 6 tee. Bogey-triple bogey-double bogey-bogey-quadruple bogey. A sequence of five asylum holes. But the young pro did not lose heart, he rolled up his sleeves and went on the attack.

In the next thirteen holes an eagle, six birdies, five par and a bogey arrived. Total: 75. Starr, with a total of 153 hits, was ranked 19th, taking just $ 85.72. Not a striking result. But I am sure he will never forget his first round, as he himself demonstrated with a post on his Twitter account (@ cameron_starr5), where he celebrates being mentioned by Monday Q Info: “Departures on the PGA Tour - 0 Departures on the Korn Ferry Tour - 0 @ acaseofthegolf1 posts - 1 Mom, I did it!

" Eventually Cameron thought about mom. But after the putt for the quadruple bogey at five, what did he think? We will never know.