Jim ‘Bones’ Mackay advice to Justin Thomas changed everything!

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Jim ‘Bones’ Mackay advice to Justin Thomas changed everything!

Justin Thomas didn't have easy moments on the PGA Tour but what impressed everyone was the help of his caddy: Jim ‘Bones’ Mackay . “There’s nothing,” “to sit out here and fix”. - Mackay said to him, as quoted by golf.com.

At one point he told him: "The 74 wasn’t great. But you’re good. Let’s leave.." In an interview with Caddie Network, Macka spoke about his help and the pressure that Thomas felt at certain moments.

“As all these caddies out here know, the thing for us is we don’t have to hit the shots,” Mackay said for Caddie Network. “And we certainly aren’t taking the pressure home that these guys are; they’re trying to win the tournament.

So it’s easy for me, in that kind of context, to see something in maybe a slightly different light than Justin was. “Justin, you know, if he’s frustrated that he shot a few over on Saturday, you know, for as well as he played, it certainly wasn’t a score you want on moving day at a major.

But you know, any caddie would have done what I did, which is say, hey, man, the great thing is, you’re playing well. You know, typically the way you played today would have been 70, 71, whatever, but, you know, it adds up to 74, and there you go.

But the great thing is, when you drive out of here, you know you’re playing well and your game is trending in the right direction; there’s nothing to sit out here and fix. "


The pressure in those moments is too great and it's hard to deal with it.

“Again, it’s easy for me to say it, because, again, I’m carrying the bag and getting the dirt out of the grooves and telling him he’s got 178 and all that stuff, but in those moments, when those guys have so much pressure on yourself, hopefully we’re in a position to say something that will hopefully make life a little easier for those guys”.

Justin Thomas praised his caddy: “I’m fully confident in saying that I wouldn’t be standing here if he didn’t give me that — wasn’t necessarily a speech, but a talk, if you will,” Thomas said.