Mark Radetic, viral moment with Tiger Woods

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Mark Radetic, viral moment with Tiger Woods

It has become a bad habit for people to record every moment without even enjoying it. In the United States, a golf fan was the exception to the rule: he put away his cell phone to watch a Tiger Woods shot, while everyone else followed his movements on their phones.

Mind you, he was holding a can of beer quite conspicuously. The scene was captured in a photo that went viral and here we tell you the details of the story.

Mark Radetic and Tiger Woods

Missouri native Mark Radetic never imagined he would turn into a trend this past weekend at the PGA Championship in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“The Soonest State” is one of the fifty states that, together with Washington D.C., make up the United States, according to Wikipedia. The great protagonist of the afternoon was Tiger Woods, who was about to execute his second shot; however, the unknown fan overshadowed it after a photo went viral.

While everyone pretended to record Tiger's game with his phones, Radetic just wanted to enjoy it and the only thing he was holding in his hands was a can of Michelob Ultra beer. “(The photo) really took off because everyone was on camera with him except me, and I was holding a Michelob Ultra,” he told KMOV.

He then elaborated on the moment: “I took some pictures while I was going up (Tiger), but then I'll be honest with you, I'm not very good with my phone. And as they say, live in the moment. And I wanted to see him hit the ball because it was a tough second shot."

Radetic recalled that at the event there were signs that read: "Do not take photos of anyone or any player within 100 yards." “Well, as you can see, no one paid any attention to that. I put down my phone and kept my beer,” he revealed.

The Michelob Ultra brand, unsurprisingly, made it a point to contact the fan on Twitter, creating the hashtag #TheMichelobGuy. After finding him, he shared a 15-second spot with the community where Radetic was the lead. "He proved that it's only worth it if you enjoy it," the brand posted.

"Some legends play in the moment," the ad reads, as Woods' image appears. “Some live in it. It's only worth it if you enjoy it”, is shown below and Radetic with his beer are the great protagonists.

The golf fan is already the image of Michelob Ultra: users can purchase polo shirts and hats with his photograph in an online store. In addition, the brand will put up for sale a personalized can of Radetic and, in exchange, he will be able to large quantities of free beers.