Henrik Stenson: "We will follow all the players"

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Henrik Stenson: "We will follow all the players"

"It is clear that the Ryder Cup generates a festive, respectful and competitive environment. We want to win and the contribution of Italian and European fans will be fundamental" Henrik Stenson said this at his first press conference - at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club in Rome - as captain of the Europe team at the Ryder Cup 2023.

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"I am happy - underlined Stenson - to have appointed Edoardo Molinari as vice captain. instead it concerns his brother Francesco, it is clear that what he did at the Ryder Cup in Paris 2018 was incredible.

The qualifying phase for the Ryder Cup 2023 has not yet begun, however, we will closely follow all the players" It will be a Ryder Cup with strong blue hues that of 2023 in Rome, also given the appointment of Edoardo Molinari as deputy captain of the Europe team.

The Piedmontese joins Henrik Stenson's staff towards next year's super golf challenge at Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, where the continental expedition will face the USA. "I am happy and proud, this appointment represents an honor", the first words of the Turinese.

That in the capital he hopes to find his brother Francesco, with whom he played and won the Ryder Cup in Wales in 2010. "Obviously it would be wonderful, I am sure that Chicco has all the credentials to return to playing at the highest levels"

Edo Molinari joins the Dane Thomas Bjorn (who led Europe to success in 2018 in Paris) and will also provide Stenson - as an engineer as he is - with statistical support. "The fact that he is Italian represents a point in favor but I chose him because I am convinced of his statistical skills and his potential.

It will be an added value for the whole team", the endorsement of Stenson who instead took time for what it concerns the qualification criteria (between start and finish), including wild cards. "I hope to clear up any doubts within the next two to four weeks," said the Swede.
"Expect surprising news"

Franco Chimenti, president of the Italian Golf Federation, from Turin and on the occasion of the press conference for the presentation of the Ladies Italian Open, had hinted that the twist was just around the corner. Edoardo Molinari was unexpectedly announced at Stenson's first captain press conference in Italy, amid applause.
"We want to win", this is the common goal of Stenson, Edoardo Molinari and Bjorn, sitting next to each other at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club where they studied, alongside agronomists and greenkeepers, the competition course, match play format .
In the Eternal City, the Europe team will have to avenge the debacle that arrived last September in Wisconsin, where the United States outclassed the Old Continent.

But the US hasn't won a Ryder Cup on European soil since 1993.
An increasingly "made in Italy" Ryder Cup, the one that will be the protagonist in Rome in 2023. Where Italy, in addition to Edoardo Molinari, dreams of having some of the big names in blue golf on the field. From Francesco Molinari to Guido Migliozzi, for an even more Italian challenge.