Javier Sainz triumphs at Farmfoods Scottish

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Javier Sainz triumphs at Farmfoods Scottish

The Farmfoods Scottish Challenge supported by The R&A ends with two great champions tied after the final 18 holes: the Swiss Jeremy Freiburghaus, former leader of the 3rd round, who today runs in PAR and remains at -11 total and the Spanish Javier Sainz , which marks an amazing -6 of the day and reaches, 4 positions higher, the leader of the tournament.

Having finished both at -11, the two champions face off in a play-off, played on hole 18, which is won by the 29-year-old Spaniard. Sainz thus won the first title on the Challenge Tour, thanks to a birdie obtained on the second play-off hole at Newmachar Golf Club and after a truly amazing round, without bogey, of 65 strokes.

Continuing in the ranking, we find the Englishman Tom Sloman in 3rd place, with a result of -10, while the Dane Martin Simonsen is 4th with 8 under PAR. The German Nick Bachem, the Swede Jens Dantorp, the English Nathan Kimsey, the Irish Conor Purcell and the Swiss Benjamin Rusch share, instead, the 5th place at 7 below the PAR.

The first blue in the standings, in 23rd place is Aron Zemmer, who completes an excellent final round in 70 strokes (-1) and climbs 12 positions in the leaderboard, to -2 total. Jacopo Vecchi Fossa and Lorenzo Scalise closed the Farmfoods Scottish Challenge at +3 total, in 49th place, closing today's 18 holes in 74 and 71 strokes respectively.

Enrico Di Nitto writes a 73 of the day and, at +9 total, is 69th.

Javier Sainz, Farmfoods Scottish

With his victory at the Farmfoods Scottish Challenge, Sainz enters the Road to Mallorca ranking in 8th place, while 2nd place Freiburghaus rises to 5th.

The leader is still South African JC Ritchie. Swiss Jeremy Freiburghaus is looking to take his first Challenge Tour title at the Farmfoods Scottish Challenge supported by The R&A, and, just before the final lap, he leads.

At the Newmachar Golf Club the 25-year-old champion achieves an extraordinary lap (the lowest of the day) in 64 strokes, without bogey, and goes to -11, with four strokes clear of the British Tom Sloman and Nathan Kimsey, who share the 2nd.

placed with 7 shots under the PAR. "I am very satisfied with my round today," said he. “I had a perfect start with three birdies and the putt was very good today. It was crucial because I did a lot of long putts which helped me to make birdies and save PAR.

" The 25-year-old arrived in Scotland full of confidence and hope, after taking 4th place in the Challenge de España last week and entering the top 20 in the Road to Mallorca ranking, now he is aiming for his first victory on the Challenge Tour.

In 4th place we find the "home" player Kieran Cantley, at -6, while the English Marco Penge, the Welsh David Boote, the French Adrien Saddier, the Spaniard Javier Sainz and the Dane Martin Simonsen share the 5th position with 5 under PAR.

The first blue on the field today is Aron Zemmer, who with a +1 of the day, moves to 35th position, with a total of -1. On a really windy day, Jacopo Vecchi Fossa falls in the standings, writing a 74 on the score, with 5 bogeys and only 2 birdies, and is 42nd.

Lorenzo Scalise is 56th, with a +4 of the day and a result of +3 total. Enrico Di Nitto closes the blue classification with a +7 and a particularly complicated lap, finished in 7 above the PAR.