Dimitrij Isaak, a ritual like Tiger Woods' one

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Dimitrij Isaak, a ritual like Tiger Woods' one

There are a number of famous rituals in sport: Michael Jorden always wore the shorts of his varsity team under his Chicago Bulls shorts, Tiger Woods swears by his red shirt. The star of "We Love MMA" Dimitrij Isaak reveals to BILD: "I paint my nails before every fight!"

Dimitrij Isaak, statements

Isaak explains, "I don't believe in rituals per se, but I do paint my nails in the booth because I like painted nails and have had my nails painted for a good three years."

His ritual has already caused some bizarre moments, he remembers: "My trainer once told me that the other fighters didn't know exactly how to react when I suddenly started touching up my nail polish in the changing room."

Isaac himself didn't notice because he was so focused on his fight. This is how distraction can go... He even introduced a new ritual for the title fight on Saturday at “We Love MMA 56”: he treats himself to a beer before the fight evening!

Unusual, especially since the "We Love MMA" stars have to make weight. Let's see if the new ritual will lead to success and he can get his first featherweight title. Of course, the title was always his goal: the man from Kiel has been fighting in a cage since 2018.

It was only funny when he had to tell his employer about his passion. "Well, stupid. (laughs) I was just like, 'how do I explain that at work now?'” At “We Love MMA” in Munich he now wants to crown himself as the first featherweight king of Germany.

And with painted nails and a pint of beer... Mixed martial arts (in English mixed martial arts, in acronym MMA), are a full contact combat sport whose regulation allows the use of all sports techniques of martial arts (karate, muay thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, judo ) and combat sports (wrestling, grappling, boxing, kickboxing).

Sometimes they are improperly called free fight or no holds barred and confused with the tudo value from which they derive.