Metraux sisters, special moment in Alessandria


Metraux sisters, special moment in Alessandria

The first round of the Ladies Italian Open in Fubine Monferrato (Alessandria) immediately gave a show and twists. But also stories to tell. At the Margara Golf Club (par 72), at the top of the standings and with a score of 67 (-5) strokes, together with the Swedish Sofie Bringner there are also two sisters: the Swiss Morgane and Kim Metraux.

Swiss yes, but with Italian origins. Or rather, Piedmontese. The maternal grandfather was in fact born in Borgomanero (Novara) and right in Piedmont, in front of his parents, the Metraux sisters are chasing a dream victory. In the European region of sport 2022, an excellent start also for the Italians.

In fact, there are four in the Top 10. The best, after the 18 opening holes of the competition (included in the Ladies European Tour calendar), is an amateur: Carolina Melgrati. The 19-year-old from Brianza (tenth last year) is fourth with 69 (-3), two shots away from the top.

Ninth place (70, -2) not only for the two big Italians of the tournament, Virginia Elena Carta and Roberta Liti, but also for another amateur: Alessandra Fanali. With the blue who, in the 26th edition of the home tournament, are chasing a feat that has never been achieved so far.

Metraux sisters, results

Special photo after the first round for the Metraux sisters. We are always talking about Morgane and Kim Metraux, the swiss with italian origins. Both born in Lausanne, they started playing together.

For Morgane (now 25) the first hits came at the age of 10, for Kim (27) at 12. Both professionals since 2018, they graduated in Business Management from Florida University State. Curious what happened in 2021 when Morgane, to fulfill the dream of playing the Evian Championship (one of the five majors of women's golf), decided to give up the Tokyo Olympics to better prepare for that appointment.

And instead of her, her sister Kim went to Japan, who speaks Italian very well and loves pasta and pizza. With Italy in my heart. And in destiny.