Graeme McDowell: It has been very demoralising, especially when you've got kids

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Graeme McDowell: It has been very demoralising, especially when you've got kids

Graeme McDowell is in big trouble as his sponsor terminated his contract with him, all after he decided to play in the LIV Golf series. "It has been very demoralising, especially when you've got kids," he said, as quoted by irishgolfdesk.

"You look around and think, is this worth the sacrifice? It is worth the sacrifice when you're being successful and financially it's very lucrative. But when you're not successful and you're leaving your kids 35 weeks a year, you do ask yourself the question."

He said : "[LIV Golf is] something that doesn't represent the grind. The prize money is guaranteed, there are no cuts. It's new and exciting and it's given me a shot in the arm from an energy point of view.

It's come at a perfect point."

McGinley on LIV and PGA

Liv Golf backed by Saudi Arabia will be a great opportunity for players to earn huge money and secure themselves. That's exactly what McGinley is talking about.

"We have to wait and see how this Saudi league is going to evolve and if the players are going to decide that this is a better option than the security of what they've had in the last 50-odd years between the DP World Tour and the PGA Tour," McGinley said.

"There's no doubt that this will go down as a historic moment in the game. If this Saudi league does gather a head of steam and it does challenge the established two tours, considering the background and who's involved and the whole ideas of team events, it could turn golf upside down and on its head."

There are many different comments at the moment, but it seems that the biggest motive is the money and that players want to earn as much as possible and provide for themselves and their families. PGA and LIV Golf are in big war! This could be resolved in court but many believe the PGA will always have an advantage.