LeBron James is billionaire like Tiger Woods

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LeBron James is billionaire like Tiger Woods

Basketball player LeBron James recently became the 1st active basketball player in the NBA to call himself a billionaire. He thus joins an illustrious list of athletes who have also achieved billionaire status. Check out a list of athletes who preceded him as billionaires.

Tiger Woods and LeBron James

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods was the first athlete to earn 10 figures. He became the greatest golfer of all time in 2009. At that point, he had already won 14 majors in his career. Michael Jordan
LeBron James is not the only basketball player who has more than a billion euros in his bank account, because Michael Jordan is also a billionaire.

However, he didn't become that until 11 years after he retired as a professional basketball player. Cristiano Ronaldo
Football is the sport that most millionaires know, but the 1st billionaire was long in coming. Cristiano Ronaldo was the first football player to become a billionaire.

It was only in 2020, when his career had already been going on for 12 years, that he joined the list that then consisted of 6. Lionel Messi
The second football player to call himself a billionaire was not long in coming. More than 2 months later, Lionel Messi also reached the limit of one billion euros.

After his move to Paris Saint-Germain, the Argentinian is currently the highest paid athlete in the world again. Roger Federer
Tennis player Roger Federer preceded Messi and Ronaldo as billionaire in 2020. He then became the 4th sports billionaire in history.

At the time, Federer was earning just 13 percent in prize money and the rest all came from commercial deals. The Swiss has his affairs in order off the track. Due to an injury, he earned less than a million euros in prize money last year, but he did bring in just under 90 million from his commercial activities.

Michael Schumacher
Michael Schumacher owes his billionaire status more to his sporting achievements than Federer. When he took his 7th world title, he had already earned half a billion euros. After his career he managed to double that amount.

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather is the richest boxer in the world and has earned more than a billion euros in his career. In 2015, the American, whose nickname Money leaves little to the imagination, was still the second richest athlete in the world.

He owns the NASCAR squad The Money Team Racing. Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus
Arnold Palmer was not a creditable golfer, but made only a few million from his sport. Palmer did not become a billionaire until after his career he went into sports marketing and thereby shaped the commercial golf world.

Jack Nicklaus was a lot more successful with 18 majors, but he also didn't make the big money until after his career.