Franco Chimenti applauds Morgane Metraux

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Franco Chimenti applauds Morgane Metraux

Applause and ovations for Morgane Metraux and Alessandra Fanali, protagonists of the award ceremony, which saw the participation of Franco Chimenti, President of the Italian Golf Federation; Maria Amelia Lolli Ghetti, President of the Margara Golf Club and Deputy Vice President of FIG; Alessandro Rogato, Director of the Italian Open; Lino Pettazzi, Mayor of Fubine Monferrato and Davide Lantos, Director of Tournament Operations LET.

Franco Chimenti, statements

"We witnessed a very high profile tournament - said FIG President Franco Chimenti - with players with a sure future who challenged each other in a very tight competition until the last hole.

The Italians were thrilling: they confirmed their competitiveness, touching success and, all of them, showing great determination. Congratulations to Morgane Metraux. Thanks to the Piedmont Region, Infront and all the sponsors for the support of the event.

A heartfelt thanks to Maria Amelia Lolli Ghetti and the Margara Golf Club for hosting this competition for the second consecutive year. We must continue on this path to continue to make the women's movement grow ”.

Morgane Metraux - “This victory makes me happy. At the end of the second round I was not satisfied with what was shown. However, I managed to stay calm and, on the last lap, thanks to a great race finale, I got it right.

I dedicate this success to my whole team, my family and myself. Winning in a country I love is something fantastic. For the future, I hope to also win on the LPGA in America. It won't be easy, but I'll try with all my heart ”.

Alessandra Fanali - “I'm really happy, I played well despite some missed birdie opportunities. The emotions I felt in this tournament, on a fantastic pitch, I will always carry within me. Now is the time to reflect: I have received an invitation to play Scandinavian Mixed and I will have to do all the necessary assessments.

But first I want to enjoy this milestone" Antonio Faravelli was also there with his Vitea Cellars and with Golf and Wine 1895, a brand that is not by chance nominated for the Ryder Cup 2023, the most prestigious world golf event to be held in Rome.