Nicolai Kristensen won the Czech Challenge

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Nicolai Kristensen won the Czech Challenge
Nicolai Kristensen won the Czech Challenge

In the final round of the D + D REAL Czech Challenge the Danish Nicolai Kristensen, yesterday 2nd in the leaderboard with 2 strokes of disadvantage, scored a 66 of the day, with 4 birdies on the score and no bogey.

Nicolai Kristensen, results

He joins the French champion Ugo Coussaud, lone leader of the 2nd round, who today writes a 68 on the score, with 3 birdies and a bogey.

Both are at -14 at the end of the final lap and the two champions return to the tee of 18 (PAR 4) for the play-off. At the first hole of the playoff it is the Danish Kristensen who scores the birdie of the victory and takes home the first triumph on the Tour.

The Frenchman, leader of the 3rd round of the race, remains in 2nd place, with a hole-in-one scored on hole 4 of the 3rd round. The Swede Oscar Lengden repeats, even today as yesterday, a lap in 65 strokes (-5) and climbs the leaderboard by 5 positions.

The champion, already a two-time winner on the Tour, closes the D + D REAL Czech Challenge with a total of -11 in 3rd position. He follows him, at a distance, the Frenchman Clement Berardo. Four champions share 5th place, at -9: the English John Parry, the Dutch Lars Van Meijel, the Spanish Alejandro Del Rey and the Welsh David Boote, leader on the 2nd day of competition.

The 1st Italian on the field is Lorenzo Scalise, who completes the final round of the D + D REAL Czech Challenge in 69 strokes (-1) and, with a final score of -8, drops to 9th place in the leaderboard, tied with Jeremy Freiburghaus from Switzerland and Matias Honkala from Finland.

Federico Maccario turns in 72 strokes (+2) with 3 birdies, 3 bogeys and a double bogey on the score and, with a final result of -2, drops to 41st position. At the end of the 3rd round of the D + D REAL Czech Challenge there is only one leader in command: the French Ugo Coussaud, who on the first nine holes sets a real record: 5 birdies and a hole-in-one at 4 for one - 7 partial.

He closes the lap by adding a bogey and, with 64 strokes (-6), flies to -12, in 1st place and two positions ahead of Nicolai Kristensen, 2nd at -10. The Danish champion signs a score with 9 birdies and 2 bogeys, writing the best score of the day (-7, 63 strokes) and reaching -10 total.

His compatriot Martin Simonsen follows him, two shots away, climbing 18 positions in the ranking, to -8, who completes a bogey free lap with 6 birdies. The Spaniard Alejandro Del Rey, the English Ben Stow, the Welshman David Boote and the Italian Lorenzo Scalise, who today completed a good lap in 69 strokes (-1) and remains in the top5, share the 4th position.