Tommy Fleetwood: "Masters? No, the Open"

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Tommy Fleetwood: "Masters? No, the Open"

Tommy Fleetwood always smiles. On and off the pitch. To those who ask for an autograph or to those who come up for a selfie. And he smiles even when it comes to Italy.

Tommy Fleetwood, statements

"Italian Open 2021? It was a wonderful week: I was there with my family and it was very nice to explore Rome eating all the good things there.

How long we walked. Italy is easy to love, full of culture, romantic and fun places. A great pitch! Fantastic for the fans, especially the last few holes, because it is choppy and people can see the game very well. Plus Italy is known for its ability to host an event and Rome has the perfect background of history and culture for players and visitors.

Anyone who comes to the Ryder Cup will be spoiled for choice on what to do in the city and will need some extra time before or after golf! " "I couldn't have started better. Francesco helped me stay calm and relaxed at a time when my nerves could have been playing tricks on me.

I only have one wish, to be by his side as he makes the first pitch of the Ryder in Rome next year. He knows we all want him there. " "Chicco Molinari is the person I feel most comfortable with on the Tour. As soon as possible we do the practice laps together.

He is a talent and a good boy, I know Italy is proud of him. Maybe we don't spend much time together," but we will always have a special bond. Francesco has a great team around him and a beautiful family. And by the way he is also an excellent cook ...

" "Us Open 2018 and Open Championship 2019? They arrived in very different circumstances: at the US Open I had a great last lap, with a 63, best result of the day, but Koepka managed to stay in front for a shot.

In Portrush in 2019 it was more painful because on Sunday I wrong too much and I shot over par. But it was Shane Lowry's time, it was his day. He played like a warrior with all of Ireland behind him. " "TheOpen or the Masters? The first.

This year it will be held in St. Andrews and it is the 150th edition ... It is my childhood dream and if I succeed I would feel right, as if my personal golf journey were complete"