Plane lands on a US golf course: all unharmed

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Plane lands on a US golf course: all unharmed

We thought we had seen them all. Alligators, birds and foxes become almost ordinary presences compared to what ended up on a fairway of the Fox Hollow club, in Lakewood, Colorado. A plane even landed in those parts. On Monday a small two-seater, for reasons unknown at the moment, made an emergency landing on the fairway of hole 4 of the Links Course.

The drama was really avoided by a whisker: the unscheduled event took place shortly after seven in the morning when the field was open for a “junior golf” course, with dozens of kids still on the driving range.

The two people on board were unharmed and the aircraft also seemed to have touched the ground without damage.

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Local media gathered the testimonies of those present upon landing at Fox Hollow. Among them Chris Matthews, at the club with his niece waiting for the lesson.

"I saw it fly over our heads. The plane was tilted a little to the left and the right propeller did not move. My niece and I looked at each other without words. We didn't see him fall but we saw him fly over hole nine then he disappeared "

The reason for the emergency landing has yet to be clarified. We think of a mechanical problem but we are still in the field of hypotheses. The three closed holes were reopened shortly after nine. Two investigations have been opened on the incident, one by the National Transportation Safety Board and one by the Federal Aviation Administration.

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