Sky Sports' Jamie Weir on Matt Fitzpatrick: His relentless hard work has paid off

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Sky Sports' Jamie Weir on Matt Fitzpatrick: His relentless hard work has paid off

Matt Fitzpatrick showed his quality and how much he is worth by winning the US Open. Sky Sports' Jamie Weir commented on Fitzpatrick: his play, quality, focus, and progress. Obviously, Matt has progressed a lot and is currently a top player.

"His painstaking diligence and dedication to his craft is quite incredible to behold. He leaves no stone unturned in his determination to get better every day. His yardage books are like encyclopaedias; every shot he's hit - in tournament play, practice rounds, even casual knocks with pals - is jotted down, to refer back to and learn from," Weir said on skysports.

"This year his relentless hard work has paid off, taking his game to an entirely new level. He's consistently challenged on the PGA Tour, without quite getting one over the line, contended at the PGA Championship and now has landed one of the game's most coveted titles.

Matt Fitzpatrick and his quality

Fitzpatrick played great throughout the tournament, surprising many with his composure and moves. "The transformation in his game is truly extraordinary. Previously viewed as one of the shorter hitters in golf, he's now right up there amongst the longer players.

I walked nine holes with him on Thursday; he was playing alongside Dustin Johnson - renowned for hitting the ball a country mile - and Fitz outdrove him on several occasions. "At the monster 15th he was the only player all week I saw drive it over the path which dissects the fairway - some 375 yards off the tee!

During the final round many of the game's big guns - Rory McIlroy, Scottie Scheffler, Jon Rahm - attempted to drive the green at the short par 4 5th. None of them managed it. Fitz did." We watched great finals with great golfers.

Truly a fantastic match that will be remembered. Despite the pressure and everything, Fitzpatrick showed mental strength and achieved victory. "In his final round, he hit 17 of the 18 greens in regulation. That's almost unthinkable with the exacting test a US Open always provides and given Brookline's minuscule greens.

Factor in he was in the last group on the final day, with the added pressure that brings, and it will go down as one of THE all-time great final rounds at any major championship. And as for his shot from the fairway bunker at the 72nd hole… that will certainly go down as one of the greatest shots of all time."