Matt Fitzpatrick after US Open victory: Doesn't feel like it's me, doesn't feel real

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Matt Fitzpatrick after US Open victory: Doesn't feel like it's me, doesn't feel real

US Open champion Matt Fitzpatrick surprised the entire golf scene and won the US Open in tough competition. He showed quality when he was most needed, and only Fitzpatrick and Jack Nicklaus managed to win both the US Amateur and US Open titles.

"Any record you share with Jack is incredible. To share that one in particular is incredibly special. "He called me after the round and congratulated me. It's crazy to receive something like that from such a great golfing legend.

"It's hard to get my head around [the bunker shot], to be honest. It doesn't feel like it's me, doesn't feel real. This whole situation seems like a dream to him because this is something he dreamed of as a boy.

"[Winning the US Open] is incredibly surreal. I was doing media after the round and genuinely had to question whether it was a dream, whether I was going to wake up. "I have never felt like that. People say that and I don't buy it, but it certainly felt that way [for me]."

Mental part

He showed mental strength when he was most needed, Fitzpatrick showed perseverance and quality and he is really brave. "I've never really said it but one thing I pride myself on is that if I get a chance I genuinely feel I will take it.

If I get a chance to win, I'll go and win. "If you actually look at my results, I don't necessarily put myself in position to win enough. I am not always in the last group. This year I have been three or four shots back going into the final round and then had a good round to finish in the top 10.

"The times I have given myself chances to win, I have won most of the time. I pride myself on being a gritty competitor, just wanting to win badly and doing the right things."