Golf analyst Nick Faldo announces retirement

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Golf analyst Nick Faldo announces retirement

Sir Nick Faldo made a decision that disappointed many golf fans. Namely, this year Faldo will be a broadcaster for NBC and Golf Channel for the last time. He has been in this business for many years, and we are all used to him.

It will be strange to follow golf events without his voice. Faldo thinks this is the right decision for him and then made an interesting statement. The quote below speaks of the possible reason for his departure: "The mistake you make is that you think you have time.

It reminds me that we should not waste a moment of it and spend more time with the people we love."

Nick Faldo on his decision

Faldo will now dedicate himself to some other things and turn a new leaf in his life. This decision was not easy to make, but after consulting with his wife, he decided that this was the right decision.

Nick has been in this business since 2006, he experienced many beautiful moments as a broadcaster, but now is the time for something completely different. "As for me, I hope to often be found out back on the East Gallatin River, with a road, waiters, and the local trout," Faldo said.

"After much consideration and discussions late last year with my business manager and more privately with my wife, Lindsay, we together concluded, and I decided that I will step down from Tower 18. It was "a great run" since October 2006, when I was privilged to become the Lead Golf Analyst for CBS and to have the second best and highly coveted seat in golf, sitting next to Jim Nantz," Faldo said in a statement.

He thanked all those who have been his support in these 16 years. "Cheers and thank you for all the wonder years both on and off the course," he concluded."