Paul McGinley: PGA Tour can be happy as long as the top 10 players are there

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Paul McGinley: PGA Tour can be happy as long as the top 10 players are there

The conflict between LIV Golf and PGA Tour continues, and it is certain that it will last for a long time. Several 'sound' names decided to perform at LIV Golf, and this angered the leaders of the PGA Tour who banned them from performing at PGA.

Paul McGinley commented on the whole situation: "I don't think crisis is a fair word. There's absolutely concern in the game, there needs to be a reaction from the current ecosystem within the game, and that includes the major championships.

If that's going to come, we don't know, we'll have to wait and see. "There's a long way to play out on this yet. Critically, at this moment in time, from the Tour's point of view, the very top players in the game are all very much aligned with the Tour."

- McGinley said for skysports.

Big names

Divisions have already been created in the world of golf, which is certainly not a good thing for such a popular sport. Still, McGinley believes the PGA Tour is No. 1 as the top 10 players will stay loyal.

"There's a lot of disgust, divisiveness with the players, and it's really sad to see. From guys standing shoulder to shoulder for all of their careers, and now there's a line in the sand and you're on one side or the other.

"There's also a lot of guys pledging allegiance to the Tour a few months ago, now gone down a different road. I know it's an evolving situation, but it's a really disappointing one if you're a traditionalist and love the history of the game."

He added: "The big key for [PGA Commissioner] Jay Monahan is that the really, really top players in the game - the top 10 I'm talking about - are very much behind the Tour, including Matt Fitzpatrick. He expects the PGA Tour to continue where it has been so far, and for the big names to be part of the PGA.

"Should three or four of them break ranks, then I think you'll be looking at a crisis period, but at this moment I don't think it is. "It's very concerning, no doubt, but as long as the big superstars are staying on side with the Tours, I think they'll continue to go down the route they're going."