Keith Pelley, CEO of the DP World Tour: Very little fact and lots of fiction

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Keith Pelley, CEO of the DP World Tour: Very little fact and lots of fiction

DP World Tour has taken action to combat LIV Golf and has decided to ban players who play at LIV Golf from upcoming tournaments and fine them £ 100,000. Keith Pelley, Chief Executive of the DP World Tour, issued a statement:
"Every action anyone takes in life comes with a consequence and it is no different in professional sport, especially if a person chooses to break the rules.

That is what has occurred here with several of our members. "Many members I have spoken to in recent weeks expressed the viewpoint that those who have chosen this route have not only disrespected them and our Tour, but also the meritocratic ecosystem of professional golf that has been the bedrock of our game for the past half a century and which will also be the foundation upon which we build the next 50 years.

"Their actions are not fair to the majority of our membership and undermine the Tour, which is why we are taking the action we have announced today." - she said, as quoted by golfmonthly.

Keith Pelley on DP Tour decision

Keith Pelley, CEO of the DP World Tour has revealed more details about their decision and why they decided on such an act.

"There's been a lot of speculation, a lot of rumours swirling," Pelley said. "There’s been very little fact and lots of fiction. Factually, I can tell you we're partners with the PGA Tour in our strategic alliance that has been very beneficial since we signed that back in November 2020.

"There is a tremendous amount of fiction and you have to be careful with what is transpiring right now across all media platforms and I encourage everyone to again deal with the fact. "The one fact is that we will always concentrate on doing the best for our membership, our sponsors, and our stakeholders, and for our players and our members that is prize fund and playing opportunities."