Richie Ramsay after Scottish Open banned LIV Golf players: Huge bonus for me

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Richie Ramsay after Scottish Open banned LIV Golf players: Huge bonus for me

After the PGA Tour reacted to those who decided to perform at the LIV Golf, the DP World Tour did the same the day before. Players were banned from participating in the next tournaments, as well as a £ 100,000 fine. Keith Pelley, CEO of the DP World Tour had a comment after all and believes this is a move they had to take, given that individuals are working against golf.

“We are partners with the PGA Tour but they have different rules and regulations and we act independently,” he said, as quoted by thenational. “They did what they thought was right, we did what we thought was right.

“Every action anyone takes in life comes with a consequence and it is no different in professional sport, especially if a person chooses to break the rules. That is what has occurred here with several of our members.

“Many members I have spoken to in recent weeks expressed the viewpoint that those who have chosen this route have not only disrespected them and our Tour, but also the meritocratic ecosystem of professional golf”.

Scottish open

The Scottish Open is also one of those that have decided to react in the same way and ban those who will play at LIV Golf. This is news that has delighted some golfers, such as Scotsman Richie Ramsay. This will be an opportunity for some players to show their quality.

“It’s a huge bonus for me and for the guys around me,” said Scotsman Richie Ramsay. “Guys who are in the middle of the 70s [on the rankings] and didn’t look like getting in it before now have a chance.

You want to be there. For me to win it would be life changing”. This is going to change a lot of things in the world of golf, and the question is what will happen in the end. Everyone could have equally big problems, but a solution will have to be found.