Nick Faldo comments on Brooks Koepka's move to LIV Golf

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Nick Faldo comments on Brooks Koepka's move to LIV Golf

Ever since LIV Golf came on the scene, a lot of noise has been created about the new competition. Many consider it a ‘betrayal’ of golf, and few support a competition supported by Saudi Arabia. Nick Faldo commented on the new competition a few months ago and compared it to the PGA "We’ve got two totally different golf tournaments.

One, we play for tournaments and national championships over here and the LIV Tour is what, 54 holes and no cut, shotgun start, you know, it sounds crazy." - he said for golfmonthly.

Brook Koepka and LIV Golf

Brooks Koepka's move to LIV also surprised many, and Faldo commented on his departure in an interesting way: "We have one thing called missing the cut, which is something that they don't like, but that is part of our sport.

"Brooks is a wonderful example. He started way out on, I believe, the Asian Tour and then he wins in Europe. We were there to see him win in Phoenix, he wins four Majors, he's climbed his way up. Last week he was saying 'get out my face, all I want to do is play golf'

Somebody went and hit his number and off he goes." Faldo is aware that money plays a big role, but that in the end it is not the most important thing. "I was really surprised by that. It's a boat load of cash, there's also a boat load of mandatory personal appearances.

I'm sure he's going to find that gets very old very quickly. The other important thing is enjoyment, you've got to enjoy what you do in life. You can't be standing on a golf course and thinking another reason why I'm out here, you can't just fake that. It's an important thing in life to know what you are out there for."