From Football World Cup '82 in Spain to golf

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From Football World Cup '82 in Spain to golf

40 years after the victory of the Mundial '82 in Spain, some of the players protagonists of that triumph will be in Turin for an event organized by the Federgolf of Piedmont and the Region to bring new people to the green.

The former champions will be eight or nine, among them Tardelli and Cabrini, Collovati, Galli and Selvaggi.

Mundial '82 in Spain, 40 years after

The appointment is set for 2 and 3 July on a nine-hole course created specifically within the Valentino park, where six game stations will be set up for the public.

The event was presented today in Turin, attended by the regional councilor for Sport Fabrizio Ricca, the president of the Piedmontese Committee of the Golf Federation Marco Francia, and the former football player and coach Beppe Dossena.

"We are very happy - underlined Ricca - to host this event resulting from the union between football and golf, with great champions of the past who will attract the public to a sport to be discovered. This is true sports promotion: giving the opportunity to many to discover new sports.

with an unconventional promotion system " "We bring golf to the city - said France - to try to break down the ideological barriers that still bar many access to this discipline, which is actually the most practiced individual sport, with 70 million players in the world"

"Golf must be cleared - added Dossena - because it is a highly educational sport. I started playing it just when I was living in Turin. There are those who think it is a sport for the elderly: try it and you will discover that reality is different.

" Dossena was born a stone's throw from the San Siro Stadium; from Milan he leaves early to become a footballer. He has been married to Tiziana since September 1982, known in Bologna [1], with whom he had two children, Gianluca and Andrea.

In the investigations relating to the 1980 Totonero his name is mentioned (he was invited to appear by the investigators); no accusations were formalized against him. Carlo Petrini also brings him into play later (see his book In the mud of the ball god) as an active protagonist of betting events.

Graduated in political science and discreet golfer, in 1987 he ran for politics with the PSI, also thanks to the close friendship with the party secretary Bettino Craxi. In 2008, Dossena was sentenced in the first instance to eight months' imprisonment (with parole), in addition to a fine of € 600, for the crime of attempted fraud against Riccardo Garrone [6]; this penalty was canceled in 2010 due to the expiry of the statute of limitations.