Padraig Harrington afraid of the influence of LIV Golf?

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Padraig Harrington afraid of the influence of LIV Golf?

Padraig Harrington does not know what to expect in the future from the DP World Tour as LIV Golf has come to the big stage with the goal of becoming number 1. All of this could affect the DP World Tour as well as other tournaments.

Huge money is at stake. This is exactly what could attract players and could create an environment in which LIV Golf would be at the very top. "I feel for the European Tour because there's definitely room for two tours, there's no doubt about it, but is there room for more? It looks like the European Tour is the one who could come under pressure and be squeezed.

"LIV looks like it's going to be here to stay. In three, four, five years' time, all of this could be very normalised, and there could be the US Tour and the LIV Tour contending for the hearts and minds of the players.

Let's hope that the European Tour can keep up. We do need a very strong European Tour."

Padraig Harrington on LIV Golf players

Harrington believes the players who stayed and didn’t opt for LIV Golf didn’t get enough respect.

The decision to stay was not an easy one to make, especially considering the money on the LIV Golf. Emphasis is placed on players who have decided that LIV Golf is the right destination for them, and we will see if that will turn out to be a good decision.

"As much as the media talks about the players who have gone, some of the players who haven't gone don't get enough credit. At the moment, it seems like the players who are staying are the ones who are feeling like their careers are going on an upward spiral, they want to win the majors and they think that's their future." LIV Golf obviously wants to create a strong name in the world of golf.