Famous golfer: This is what makes Tiger Woods different from the rest

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Famous golfer: This is what makes Tiger Woods different from the rest
Famous golfer: This is what makes Tiger Woods different from the rest

Ernie Els recently joined GOLF's Subpar Podcast and talked about many topics, one of which was Tiger Woods, the famous golfer, who is one of the biggest sports stars on the planet. Els had a match against Woods many times, but mostly it didn't go well.

There are many things that make Woods different from others. Els listed some main features of Woods that make him unique. “People ask me this question a lot, is what separated Tiger from us? There’s a lot of things, but the one real factor was his intensity on the first tee,” Els said, as quoted by golf.com “On the first tee you just want to get in the round and see how things are, testing out the waters of the competition.

Hopefully by 4 or 5 you are even par or one under and get into the tournament. A lot of us were like that, but Tiger, he was different. On the first tee he was ready to go. He was ready to absolutely strangle the golf course and get to the field eventually and really take down the tournament.

He wasn’t there to mess around. He didn’t play too many events but when he played he was ready to go”.

Els on Woods and his focus on the job

Els also talked about communicating with Woods, but it seems that Tiger only talks to his opponents before the match, and that very briefly.

“He was absolutely focused on his job,” Els said. “That is one thing that separated him then and still separates him today. I don’t see that intensity from other competitors before the first round on the first tee”.

There are many other things that made Woods such a star. Discipline, talent, commitment, mentality; All this is the reason why he became what he is! His life did have many scandals, but despite everything he managed to stay on top.

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