Sergio Garcia shocked the fans: ‘This Tour is s***, you’re all f*****"

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Sergio Garcia shocked the fans: ‘This Tour is s***, you’re all f*****"

Sergio Garcia expressed his impulsiveness and nervousness after the DP World Tour fined him. In addition to the DP World Tour, the Scottish Open banned him. All this is due to the decision to perform at LIV Golf. That decision cost many players, but they chose what they think is best for them.

An anonymous player revealed some details to the Telegraph.
“Sergio flew off the handle, shouting, ‘This Tour is s–t, you’re all f–ked, should have taken the Saudi money,'” an anonymous player said for the Telegraph.

“Bob MacIntyre was there and he was disgusted”. MacIntyre didn't want to say anything about it, but his Tweet might say more. “Amazing how fast you can lose respect for someone that you’ve looked up to all your life”.

Sergio Garcia and his incidents

Sergio Garcia had a similar incident at the Wells Fargo Championship. Then he yelled at the referees and emphasized that he couldn't wait to leave the tour. “I can’t wait to leave this tour.

I can’t wait to get out of here. A couple of more weeks and I won’t have to deal with you any more”. One of the players thinks that Garcia made a big mistakes, and that he didn't need such reactions at all.

Many players are disappointed by his outbursts. “Sergio’s reputation had taken quite a hammering anyway before this, but this has sealed it for many of us,” the player told the Telegraph. “The rant in America the other month was one thing, but this is his home tour, where he started and he shouldn’t forget that.

Fair enough, he’s taken the money. But he doesn’t have to rub other players’ noses in it”. Garcia seems to have a difficult character which is a problem for many. “Let’s just say there is not an overload of sympathy for his argument,” one anonymous told the Telegraph.