Padraig Harrington against the suspensions

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Padraig Harrington against the suspensions

Padraig Harrington, fresh from the amazing victory at the U.S. Senior Open played at the Saucon Valley Country Club (first Irishman in history to win the tournament), at the end of his second round at the Horizon Irish Open, which is being held on the Mount Juliet Estate course, he shared his thoughts with the press regarding the current situation in professional golf.

He has stated that he has no problem with those who have signed with LIV Golf.

Padraig Harrington, statements

He also argues that all players who have been suspended from the PGA Tour or sanctioned by the DP World Tour should be able to participate freely in the Majors.

Harrington defended the penalties imposed by the DP World Tour as "proportionate, fair and necessary", also in light of threats of legal action by the sanctioned players. But he nonetheless underlines his belief that, over time, the coexistence of three different Tours could benefit the four most important events in men's professional golf.

"Let LIV Golf proceed and carry out its programs" "I believe that competition is good for golf and that there is room for everyone" "I think it will take five to ten years for the situation to normalize" "In the meantime, I would not be in favor of not allowing LIV players to participate in the Majors" "Having the best players in the world as participants makes the Majors more important and meaningful" "The Majors are something that is outside the Tours" "Belonging to one Tour rather than another cannot and must not affect the possibility for a player to participate in the most important tournaments of the season"

Good. Finally a player (and not just any one) takes a position against (even if only partially) suspensions. Pádraig Harrington (Dublin, 31 August 1971) is an Irish golfer. He has won 3 Major tournaments: the Open Championship in 2007 and 2008 and the PGA Championship also in 2008.

He began to be part of the European Tour in 1996, while in 2005 he also started competing in the US PGA Tour. Overall in his career he has won 24 tournaments.