Julien Quesne: "I'm in pain, I can't practice"

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Julien Quesne: "I'm in pain, I can't practice"

Handicapped by recurring back pain and also a teacher in Belgium, the double winner on the DP World Tour Julien Quesne struggles to chain the tournaments on the Challenge Tour. This week's Vaudreuil Golf Challenge represents another opportunity to shine for the 42-year-old Manceau, after a cut at the Blot Open de Bretagne two weeks ago.

Julien Quesne, statements

"I'm still in pain and I can't really keep training sessions going. I had to have surgery for a recurrent herniated disc last year. And if it's been better since, it's still painful in the lumbar discs.

"I will go to the cards at the end of the season. I think I no longer have any protection related to my last victory in Italy in 2013 on the DP World Tour. I will have to score points to avoid PQ1, or even PQ2. The project still remains to play on the DP World Tour.

I still have dreams in my head. But as long as I have back pain, it's complicated. "I am also a teacher near Brussels, at the Hulencourt Golf Club. I am there regularly and sometimes you have to make choices. Between my pain and my obligations, for example, I could not play the French Professional Championships at home in Bordeaux.

It was really frustrating but that's the way it is. "I don't feel too bad about the game, but I need to continue. Every time, I do a tournament and then I have to take a break because I can't go into the field or I have to rest my back, or I have to teach.

It's not ideal. There are still bad shots coming out of my clubs. In particular, I conceded at least one double-bogey per day to Pléneuf-Val-André during the Blot Open de Bretagne, where I passed the cut. But I think it's really not that bad.

And I'm doing a good job with Patrick Talon at Golf d'Hossegor and Matthieu Van Hauwe at Golf de la Gloriette in Tours. I no longer work with Benoît Ducoulombier. "I do not have all the information to decide, but I do not have a good a priori.

I think it's poorly done. They make golf look like a money show. Most players started their professional career out of passion. There, it is players already overpaid on the PGA Tour who will seek to earn even more. I find that ridiculous.

We talk about it a lot between us. But I see things from afar. In any case, it does not give a good image of golf. That's a shame. But it still seems to work. There is an impressive number of players who have already left on the LIV.

It may have a snowball effect and it seems that they will all end up going there. Except maybe the Majors tie up and shut the door on LIV players. A player like Rory McIlroy now only plays for the Majors. But if it continues like this, he might go too"