LET Access, it's the ninth round of the season

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LET Access, it's the ninth round of the season

Ninth round of the season for LET Access, the second European women's circuit, which offers the Trust Golf Links Series - Ramside Hall GC in England. It is played in Carrville, County Durham, where Lucrezia Colombotto Rosso and Clara Manzalini will compete on the Ramside Hall GC course.

The first, a 26-year-old from Turin, won the Terre Blanche Ladies Open at the beginning of the season and is now ninth in the order of merit. While the second, 23-year-old from Milan, she is in the third tournament as a pro (she has so far obtained a 24 / o and a 12 / o place).

LET Access, schedule

Field with eight of the top ten on the money list, which includes the other three professionals who scored during the year, while the three amateurs who managed to establish themselves will be absent, including the Dutch Lauren Holmey, who in the meantime passed the category.

Spotlight on New Zealander Momoka Kobori, number one on the circuit, the only one with two successes (the last in the previous Hauts De France - Pas De Calais Golf Open) and also in great shape. The German Chiara Noja (No.

2, one title), the English Gemma Clews (No. 4), the Australian Kristalle Blum (No. 5, one victory), the Swedish Anna Magnusson (No. 6) will try to fight it. , the Austrian Katharina Muehlbauer (n. 7), the German Patricia Isabel Schmidt (n.

8) and Colombotto Rosso herself, who in the six races held up to now has always cashed. The prize pool is 40,000 euros, with the first coin of 6,400 euros. The Ladies European Tour Access Series (LET Access Series), started in 2010 as the Generali Ladies Tour, is a series of golf tournaments for women's golf professionals and top European amateurs who have not yet qualified to compete on the Ladies European Tour (LET).

to do. The Tour is similar to the Men's European Challenge Tour, which has been around for much longer and has many more tournaments. The base of this tour is in France. In 2010 there were three tournaments between the end of March and the beginning of June, each tournament consisted of 54 holes.

Two more tournaments were added in the fall. At the end of this series, the three best professionals and the three best amateurs will receive an invitation to the French Open, which will take place in September. The best player will also receive a tour ticket for the next season.

Number two and three can go directly to the Finals of the Tour School. The Generali Ladies Tour would start in March 2010 with the Open at La Nivelle. However, the first lap was canceled due to snow on the track. The second round also turned out to be unable to take place, so it was decided to organize the tournament at a later date.

That was June 9-11. The Terre Blanche Ladies Open, also in March, thus became the first tournament of this tour. It was won by 25-year-old Caroline Afonso, the first win since she turned professional in late 2007. The second tournament was won by 23-year-old Jade Schaeffer, born on the island of Réunion but living in Paris.

Karen Lunn, president of the Ladies European Tour (LET}, played on La Nivelle to show her support. The 2012 tour saw the first tournament won by an amateur: Scottish Curtis Cup player Pamela Pretswell won the Ljungbyhed Park Ladies Open by two strokes, shortly before turning pro.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th places were also occupied by amateurs. Anastasia Kostina was the first Russian to win a LET tournament that year and received a wildcard to the Deloitte Ladies Open.