Tiger Woods: "The plan was to play the U.S. Open but.."

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Tiger Woods: "The plan was to play the U.S. Open but.."

After Tiger Woods pleased the fans by coming to The 150th Open at St Andrews, he decided to say something more about his decisions for the reporters at JP McManus Pro-Am . Tiger Woods has had problems with injuries for a long time and it was clear that we will not see him at all tournaments.

This time he had a plan to make it to the US Open, but he just couldn't physically handle it. "The plan was to play the U.S. Open but physically I was not able to do that," Woods told reporters at the JP McManus Pro-as quoted by skysports.

"There's no way physically I could have done that. "I had some issues with my leg and it would have put this tournament [The Open] in jeopardy and there's no reason to do that. This is a pretty historic Open that we are going to be playing."

Tiger Woods on tournament and injury

Woods is happy for the opportunity he has and wants to meet the biggest names in this tournament. "I'm lucky enough to be part of the past champions that have won there and want to play there again.

I don't know when they are ever going to go back while I'm still able to play at a high level, and I want to be able to give it at least one more run at a high level." Woods has had a lot of injury problems.

Sometimes he would bear the pain more easily, but sometimes it seemed unbearable. He knew that he would have to prepare in the right way, and give himself rest. We hope to enjoy his moves, and it is truly an honor to have such a player in the tournament.

"It has been worth it," Woods added about his long road to recovery. "It has been hard. I've had some very difficult days and some days which moving off the couch is a hell of a task, and that's just the way it is.