Rasmus Skov Lot dominates with half an arm

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Rasmus Skov Lot dominates with half an arm

Rasmus Skov Lot was part of Team Denmark at the recent EGA European Team Championships for Golfers with Disabilities. He is a boy of twenty, an emerging talent in the world of golf for the disabled. At first glance, what strikes him is the great calm and serenity, which he manages to transmit to others, together with a great love for nature that shines above all on the playing field.

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Rasmus says he played football and tennis, then one day his grandfather Poul took him with him to the golf club because he thought it was time for his young grandson to know the sport he had been practicing for twenty years.

Rasmus, who was ten at the time, followed his grandfather listening to his advice. So it was, thanks to grandfather Poul, that little Rasmus fell in love with golf. Born without a right forearm, Rasmus uses a strap to secure the cane to his right arm, grabbing it with his left hand.

"I don't see any problems with having half an arm," says Rasmus. “I don't want people to feel sorry for me”, he continues, “I have a good teacher who helps me”. As a member of the Danish disabled golf team, Rasmus finds group training to be particularly helpful and stimulating for his game improvement.

He learns a lot from the other players on the team, especially from those who have more experience in international competitions, as well as develop healthy competition. Rasmus likes EDGA tournaments and adds: “Many players are almost the same as me, it's nice to talk to them and get to know them better”.

Rasmus works not only on his golf technique but also on his physical preparation especially in winter, when he goes to the gym six times a week. In the summer season, he cuts down on his gym commitments to focus on practice.

Unabashed demeanor and a powerful golf swing are two essential ingredients for achieving high levels of a sport that is merciless, and he does not forgive the deficiencies both in terms of technique but also in terms of mental strength.

Rasmus is on the right track and is true to the maxim that he is happy to share with other disabled golfers (but it applies to everyone!): "Keep working - one day you will do well".