Tiger Woods, a schedule before the Masters

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Tiger Woods, a schedule before the Masters

Tiger Woods closed the British Open with doubts as to whether he will be able to return to St. Andrews as a professional player, since the return of the event to this course is not expected until 2030. El Tigre equaled his worst round in the tournament on the first day of the tournament.

British Open with 78 shots and closed with 75. During the two days of competition, it was possible to see how the winner of 15 'majors' walked much better than in the PGA Championship, although far from the spotlight gestures of pain were appreciated in movements daily that denoted that there are still many consequences of his accident.

Not even Tiger himself ventured to offer a forecast of his future calendar at the end of his tour of Scotland, although he was satisfied that he had been able to play more than expected this year, since "he only expected to play the Open."

In the end he was in the Masters, PGA and British. At St. Andrews he didn't come off at all swamped with his game and recognized that he was unlucky at times and needed to step up on his short game. The one who has dared to talk about what could be the next season for Tigre is his caddy Joe LaCava, who spoke about this topic on the 'Dan Patrick Show'

"Maybe there are three or four tournaments before the Masters," he stated. LaCava gave options, of course, to the Hero World Challenge, scheduled from December 1 to 4, which is the tournament organized by the Woods foundation.

Days later he would be seen in a tournament that has become a classic for the Californian golfer, although it is not official and he would attend more for fun. We're talking about PNC, the parent-child event that Tiger has played for the last two years with his son Charlie.

According to LaCava, there would be options to also see him in two other important events, such as the Genesis Invitational (February 16 to 19) -after which he had the accident two years ago- and perhaps The Players (March 9 to 12).

Woods has already warned that his schedule was going to be very reduced in the future, but without a doubt, LaCava brings good news.