Tiger Woods has earned 120 million dollars

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Tiger Woods has earned 120 million dollars

We are talking about an amount between 700 and 800 million dollars. Is it possible that such an amount of money can be paid to hire the services of any athlete? LIV Golf, the new league financed by the Saudi Arabian government, offered this amount to Tiger Woods to try to get him to join their project, according to the organization's CEO, Australian Greg Norman.

El Tigre rejected the proposal, just as Jack Nicklaus also did at the time to occupy the position that today falls into the hands of the 'Shark' In an interview broadcast this Monday by the 'Fox' network and recorded last Sunday during the event in Bedminster (New Jersey), Norman admitted that the LIV made such an offer to Tiger Woods a long time ago, considering him a player who transcends beyond sports.

He did not specify dates, yes, because it must be taken into account that since his accident after the Genesis in February 2021, the Californian has barely played a handful of tournaments. "There was talk of that number (an offer between 700 and 800 million).

Tiger changes the balance, and obviously you have to aim for the best of the best. They contacted Tiger before I became the CEO Greg Norman said. He has held the position since October 2021.

Tiger Woods, results

Tiger Woods, winner of fifteen majors in his career and one of the most important players in history, finally decided to stay on the PGA Tour, a circuit he has fiercely defended.

During his career on the American circuit, the Tiger has earned 120 million dollars for his results in tournaments, although his greatest income has come through the multinational Nike and its numerous sponsors. Interestingly, Woods, without playing in 2021, came first in the new PGA Tour program called 'Player Impact' (most media player), for which he received 8 million dollars and this year the total bag for the top ten rises to 50 .

In the interview with Norman, he also defended LIV Golf from the accusations received by the PGA, which branded him as a threat to the future of golf. "Our model is built 100 percent around the golf ecosystem. We are not trying to destroy the PGA Tour or the European Tour. We want to work in the golf ecosystem to show that there is room for everyone," he said.