Jay Monahan responds to lawsuit against PGA Tour by LIV Golfers

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Jay Monahan responds to lawsuit against PGA Tour by LIV Golfers
Jay Monahan responds to lawsuit against PGA Tour by LIV Golfers (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Interesting news from the world of golf; 11 LIV Golf players decided to file a lawsuit against the PGA Tour after they decided to ban players who are part of LIV Golf a few months ago. What is also interesting is that Phil Mickelson and Ian Poulter are among those 11 players.

Lawsuit states: "The Tour's conduct serves no purpose other than to cause harm to players and foreclose the entry of the first meaningful competitive threat the Tour has faced in decades," "The purpose of this action is to strike down the PGA Tour's anticompetitive rules and practices that prevent these independent-contractor golfers from playing when and where they choose."

Jay Monahan replied: This is your Tour

PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan sent a reply soon after and had an interesting reaction; "We have been preparing to protect our membership and contest this latest attempt to disrupt our Tour, and you should be confident in the legal merits of our position," Monahan wrote.

"With the Saudi Golf League on hiatus, they're trying to use lawyers to force their way into competition alongside our members in good standing. It's an attempt to use the Tour platform to promote themselves and to freeride on your benefits and efforts." Monahan is outraged by this behavior considering the tradition and history of the PGA Tour, as well as what individuals have gained by participating in the PGA.

"To allow re-entry into our events compromises the Tour and the competition, to the detriment of our organization, our players, our partners and our fans. The lawsuit they have filed somehow expects us to believe the opposite, which is why we intend to make our case clearly and vigorously.

This is your Tour, built on the foundation that we work together for the good and growth of the organization...and then you reap the rewards. It seems your former colleagues have forgotten one important aspect of that equation."

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