Arian Rodriguez Burgos won the Reid Trophy

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Arian Rodriguez Burgos won the Reid Trophy

Arian Rodriguez Burgos won the English Boys' U14 Open Amateur Stroke Play Championship, an Under 14 event better known as the "Reid Trophy", with a total of 213 (73 72 68, par) strokes. On the Lincoln Golf Club course (par71), in Torksey in England, the Spaniard won ahead of the Englishman Charlie Rusbridge, second with 214 (+1).

Edoardo Spluga, the best of the Italians in the race, finished in the top ten finishing 8 / o with 219 (77 70 72, +6). Giovanni Bernardi also did well, 11 / o with 221 (76 70 75, +8), and Paolo Perrino, 17 / o with 223 (79 74 70, +10).

Arian Rodriguez Burgos, results

Among the other Azzurri, accompanied by the Federal Coach Carlo Basciu, Giampaolo Gagliardi 23 / o with 225 (77 77 71, +12), Filippo Bonomi 27 / o with 226 (78 72 76, +13), Simone Cavaliere 67 / o with 236 (75 79 82, +23).

Pietro Imperlati, on the other hand, did not pass the cut. Golf is one of the few sports that does not have a standardized playing field: every course in the world is different in its characteristics even if some elements are found everywhere.

A golf course can be located on large areas in the plains, in the hills, in the mountains or in any place where there are large green spaces, and generally includes one or more courses of 9 or 18 holes, each with its own tee placed at a distance that usually varies between 100 and 550 meters from the hole.

The course consists of the entire playing area (natural obstacles included) with the exception of the starting area and that of the hole. The starting area (or tee), usually flat and with well-mown grass, corresponds to the starting point of each single hole.

The course that goes from the tee to the hole is characterized by various types of surfaces, such as the fairway (from the English "the good way") which is a strip of mowed lawn flanked on the sides by bands of gradually higher grass, even uncut , that is the rough (from the English "bad", "rough" or even "not good"); furthermore, there may be various types of obstacles to make it more difficult to reach the hole: trees, pits filled with sand (Bunkers), valleys, streams, natural or artificial bodies of water.

The hole is marked with a flag, to be easily identifiable from a distance, and surrounded by a more or less wide area of ​​particularly smooth and well-kept lawn with very short cut grass (Green). Each hole is assigned an "expected number of strokes" called par: this is the number of strokes that a scratch player, ie a 0 handicap player, should take to finish the hole.

This number depends on the length of the hole (ie the distance from the starting point to the hole) and generally ranges from 3 to 5. Therefore, depending on its value, we speak of holes "par 3", "par 4" or "par 5 "

The sum of the par of the different holes represents the par of the course: for an 18-hole course it normally varies from 60 to 73, but the most common are the par 72.