These are the reasons why LIV Golfers filed a lawsuit!

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These are the reasons why LIV Golfers filed a lawsuit!

Officials at Augusta National made a move that drew the ire of LIV Golfers. Namely, they wanted to convince the players not to be part of LIV Golf. This is exactly the reason why LIV Golfers filed an indictment against the PGA Tour
Augusta National, the promoter of The Masters, has taken multiple actions to indicate its alignment with the PGA Tour, thus seeding doubt among top professional golfers whether they would be banned from future Masters Tournaments,” the lawsuit reads, as quoted by nypost.

“As an initial matter, the links between the PGA Tour and Augusta National run deep. The actions by Augusta National indicate that the PGA Tour has used these channels to pressure Augusta National to do its bidding. For example, in February, 2022 Augusta National representatives threatened to disinvite players from The Masters if they joined LIV Golf”.

Fighting against LIV Golf

That was a strong weapon in the fight against LIV Golf. “The threat of exlcusion from the Masters (and other majors) is a powerful weapon in the Tour’s arsenal to deter players from joining LIV Golf,” the suit claims.

Augusta National chairman Fred Ridley personally instructed several players at the Masters this year not to tee it up in LIV Golf tournaments." Ridley's comments a few months ago did not hint at that. “Our mission is to always act in the best interest of the game in whatever form that may take,” Ridley said in April.

“I think that golf is in a good place right now. There’s more participation, the purses on the professional tours are the highest they’ve ever been. We’ve been pretty clear in our belief that the world tours have done a great job in promoting the game over the years.

Beyond that, there’s so much that we don’t know about what might happen or what could happen, I can’t say much more beyond that”.