Hole in one on same hole and on same day

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Hole in one on same hole and on same day
Hole in one on same hole and on same day (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Amy Williams, 27, and Ian Stawicki, 40, were two strangers with the same passion: playing golf. Now their names will remain united as they are the protagonists of an event that can rarely be seen by two amateur players in a tournament: a hole in one, on the same course, on the same hole and on the same day.

Amy Williams and Ian Stawicki

The PGA Hole-in-One Record estimates that the chance of this happening was 1 in 17 million. Williams and Stawicki achieved it in a charity tournament (Stars and Stripe Scramble), played at The Golf Club of Camelot in Lomira.

Sami Williams, who played golf at Hamilton High School and Lakeland College, was the first to hole the teeing ball off the 13th hole. It was her first hole in the tournament she was playing for the third time. . As a woman, she had to start from the front tees.

With a 9 iron she saved the 104 meters. "I hit the ball and I saw it fly and I said to myself I had a really good line but I didn't know if it was long enough. Then I saw it bounce in front of the hole and it rolled all the way in.

You could see everything because we were on a high tee," Williams explained in statements collected by USA Today from a report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Stawicki, who admits bowling is more his thing, heard the ruckus as he too began his round.

A few hours later she reached the 13th hole. She had to tee off at a distance of 160 meters to the flag. She with a 7 iron she sent the ball to the left side of the green. "There is a small hill that inclines towards the hole.

I saw the ball roll and I didn't know where it went. It gave me the feeling that it could be inside. We went down to the other tee of the hole so that my teammates could play (I shared the route with three women) and the ball was not seen.

When we got to the green I saw that it was inside", recalls Stawicki, who shortly after found out that he was the second golfer to achieve it on that same hole. As a prize for this hole in one, Stawicki and Williams shared two cases of beer that they were awarded for being the ones who left the ball closest to the flag during the tournament.