Paul Barjon, the future after the loss of card

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Paul Barjon, the future after the loss of card
Paul Barjon, the future after the loss of card

Paul Barjon will not be at the start of the 1st FedEx Cup Playoffs tournament next week but his month of August promises to be busy with 3 decisive tournaments for the rest of his immediate career. Objective to regain its place on the PGA Tour.

Paul Barjon, situation

After the loss of his right to play and his 161st place in the FedEx ranking, the future of Paul Barjon is written for the moment in dotted lines. To try to at least benefit from not too degraded playing rights next year, the former TCU player will be, like the 75 players ranked from 125th to 200th place overall on the PGA Tour, at the start of the 3 last tournaments of the Korn Ferry Tour grouped under the label “Tour Finals”.

The first meeting is set for August 18-20 in Idaho, the second for August 25-28 in Columbus, Ohio and the last, the Korn Ferry Tour Championship, in Newburgh, Indiana from August 1-4. september. In these events, the 75 "failed" from the PGA Tour find the first 75 of the regular season of the Korn Ferry Tour, the conclusion of which will take place on August 14 with the Pinnacle Bank Championship in Omaha, Nebraska.

On that date, the top 25 in the KFT ranking win their PGA Tour card for the next season, which begins on September 15 with the Fortinet Championship, but still have to fight to finish as high as possible in a special ranking.

In total, 150 players are invited to these “3 finals” which give rise to two classifications. Top 25 on the Korn Ferry Tour Order of Merit + next 50 not yet eligible to play on the PGA Tour, plus players ranked 126th to 200th at FedEx Cup (not qualified for the Playoffs and therefore temporarily losing their access).

These Tour Finals will offer two rankings with double the points allocation compared to the regular season tournaments. The 25 ranking only concerns the top 25 of the Korn Ferry Tour, which does not include Paul Barjon. Players keep the points acquired during the season.

Whatever happens these 25 players are guaranteed to have their place on the PGA Tour (as explained above) but finishing as high as possible is important. The other ranking, The Finals 25, concerns the Frenchman and all the other participants.

It only takes into account the points scored during the three events of the Final Round. Here too you have to finish in the 25th to have a chance to move up or stay in the elite. This barbaric word means that the PGA Tour will “reclassify” these two groups of 25 players by merging the two rankings at the end of the 3 tournaments.

If Barjon finishes in the top 25 of “The Finals 25” he will have regained playing rights on the PGA Tour but the higher he finishes the more playing opportunities he will have from September 2022, which marks the start of the 2023 season of the great American circuit.

This reclassification works as follows: the 1st from “The 25” is followed by the 1st from “The Finals 25”, then the 2nd from “The 25”, the 2nd from “The Finals 25”, and so on… .

In total, therefore, 50 players find themselves in possession of a category on the PGA Tour, but with the 125 players qualified for the FedEx Cup Playoffs, the guests here and there, the exempted because of their record, we suspect that not everyone will be able to participate in all the events since there are most of the time only 156 places at most in a tournament.

Priority will therefore be given according to this ranking. In other words, the first will have many more opportunities to play than the 50th, and therefore to score points to keep their playing rights for the following season. CQFD If Barjon fails he will most likely play the 2023 season on the Korn Ferry Tour unless he makes another choice.