Felix Norrman, golfer with tuberous sclerosis

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Felix Norrman, golfer with tuberous sclerosis

Felix Norrman finished second at the recent USGA 2022 US Adaptive Open at Pinehurst No. 6, and last year he participated in two leading tournaments for golfers with disabilities, organized by the European Tour: the EDGA Cazoo Open in Wales and the ISPS Handa World Disability Invitational in Northern Ireland.

Felix's excellent level of play was achieved thanks to hard work, concentration in practice, all aided by a calm and reflective disposition.

Felix Norrman, statements

But not everyone knows that last year, a few months before the European Tour races, Felix underwent brain surgery.

Fortunately, his recovery was short, and Felix was able to concentrate on his physical preparation. 'In that period I walked through so many holes that my feet hurt,' he confesses. Curiously, Felix started playing golf at a nearby cricket ground.

“I was seven or eight when I started shooting my first golf shots, with my dad. Our house was right behind the cricket ground, my father helped the club with the maintenance of the lawn, and every now and then we went to golf with him.

We never managed to understand cricket: once we laughed because suddenly everyone was applauding and we didn't understand why, it seemed to us that nothing good had happened! Then when I turned ten my father enrolled me in a real golf club, so I started playing seriously ”.

Felix has a rare disease, tuberous sclerosis. “It means that Felix has a lot of anomalous formations that could be anywhere in the body, in the brain, in the eyes, in the heart, in the lungs and so on”. Felix has dealt with his condition well, but his eyes and sight of him have suffered a lot, he can play golf but for example he cannot get a driving license.

Other symptoms include fatigue and also the potential danger of seizures; to avoid them he takes a fairly heavy drug. Bertil talks about how golf benefited Felix's life. "Because of his illness, Felix had attended a special school and so on ...

children at that age are pretty hard on each other. And if you are different in some way, they put you aside, so to speak. But I think golf has given Felix a place to grow and feel good. " Felix and his father built a garage behind the house and equipped it for golfing.

"This is a great help in the winter, and has been very helpful in my recovery after the surgery," says Felix. Adds his father: "Felix once told me in the car: 'You know it's really nice to be good at something, like I am in golf'

And that went straight to my heart. He is really at home on the golf course here in Köping. Everyone knows him. Felix is ​​part of a group of twenty guys who are very close to each other. They joke, they encourage each other, in short, they are friends"