Velten Meyer, first victory on Challenge Tour

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Velten Meyer, first victory on Challenge Tour

First victory on the Challenge Tour of the German Velten Meyer, who won with 262 (70 62 65 65, -26) strokes in the Vierumäki Finnish Challenge on the course of the Vierumäki Resort (par 72), in the city from which the club takes its name, in Finland.

With a grand final he left his compatriot Marc Hammer (267, -21) with whom he shared the leadership after three rounds at five strokes.

Velten Meyer, results

Among the Italians the best was Filippo Bergamaschi, 35th with 278 (66 72 71 69, -10).

Further back Michele Ortolani (66 74 70 73) and Jacopo Vecchi Fossa (71 69 75 68), 56.i with 283 (-5), and Giacomo Fortini, 72nd with 291 (68 70 72 81, +3). Velten Meyer, 27, from Oldenburg, graduated in marketing at the University of Louisiana-Monroe in 2016, has been alternating for two years between PGA Tour Latino America (only one tenth place) and Challenge Tour where in the previous 18 participations he had not gone beyond 12th place.

In the final lap he immediately took off with an eagle at the opening (fifth personal on 72 holes) and two birdies on the fourth and fifth green leaving the others to compete only for the second position. He then continued in complete tranquility with three other birdies for the partial of 65 (-7), the best score of the day.

The title earned him a check for € 40,000 on a prize pool of € 250,000 and above all the exemption for the circuit that will probably convince him to choose to continue, at least for the moment, his career in Europe.

Hammer, winner of the Euram Bank Open in July, secured second place in solitude with a birdie on the last hole, leading Iceland's Gudmundur Kristjansson, the other author of a 65 (eight birdie, one bogey), and the John Murphy of Ireland, third with 268 (-20).

In fifth place with 269 (-19) the Austrian Niklas Regner, in sixth with 270 (-18) the French Jeong weon Ko and the English Nathan Kimsey and in the eighth with 271 (-17) the Dane Martin Simonsen, the the last two were also seasonal winners (respectively of the Le Vaudreuil Golf Challenge and the Kaskáda Golf Challenge).

Federico Maccario, 73rd with 141 (-3), Luca Cianchetti, 111th with 144 (par) and Edoardo Raffaele Lipparelli, 142nd with 150 (+6) did not pass the cut after 36 holes.