Paul Barjon: "It's been disappointing season"

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Paul Barjon: "It's been disappointing season"

Back home in Fort Worth (Texas), Frenchman Paul Barjon will fly to Idaho next Monday to prepare for the first three-part stage of the Finals Tour, the catch-up session to grab a possible card on the PGA Tour. 2022-23 grouping the top 75 of the Korn Ferry Tour 2022 and the 75 players ranked between 126th and 200th places in the PGA Tour regular season.

Marathon sequence!

Paul Barjon, statements

"It's been a disappointing season. Finishing 160th was not the goal at the end of last year. So, it's quite frustrating. Nevertheless, there was also some good. I took a few days off to see my trainer (Jon Sinclair) on Tuesday and Wednesday.

We will do a review together. But we will have to turn the page very quickly because there are the Korn Ferry Tour playoffs which begin next week in order to regain its status on the PGA Tour... So, yes, it is obviously disappointing not to play the FedEx Cup playoffs in Memphis and not having a full category for the 2022-23 season but, well, that's how it is.

We are not going to fall into depression either. The most important now is to do, as I said, this fairly quick assessment of what you need to work on this week to be ready for the next three weeks. It's going to be a bit of a drag because I've been playing the last seven weeks.

A few days of rest are a bit necessary" "The driving was generally pretty good, which is my strong point anyway. The putting was very good at times. It was either very good or not good. There has been a real improvement in this sector throughout the season.

On the other hand, I very often put myself in difficulty on the attacks of greens. I had very average control of the ball, whether on 110 meter wedges up to the 8 and 9 irons… On arrival, it was bogeys and not a lot of birdies… "I thought I still had a chance.

At the Wyndham Championship last week, I had to win or at best finish in the top 3 to keep my card but like many competitors, when I arrive at a tournament, I always have the idea of ​​performing at my best. . There was always that urge.

That said, even if I wouldn't say that I felt things happen, I must admit that it was often a bit off the mark in my game..." . "I had already played them last year. We have the top 75 of the Korn Ferry Tour, and in this top 75, we have the 25 who won their card for next season via the regular season.

As was the case for me in 2021. And we also have the 75 players who finished between 126th and 200th places on the PGA Tour. Only the top 25 will take a card on the PGA Tour for 2022-23 in addition to the top 25 on the Korn Ferry Tour"