Will Zalatoris shocked many: The toughest decision in my career

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Will Zalatoris shocked many: The toughest decision in my career

Will Zalatoris will soon head to South Africa, where a new challenge awaits him. However, what shocked the fans was the parting between Zalatoris and his caddy, Ryan Goble. It was not at all easy to make such a decision after the shared experiences and everything they had as a team.

However, their relationship started to get worse. “Yeah, it was the toughest decision I’ve had to make in my golf career. Ryan’s a brother for life. We’ve kind of had a rough month together, and it was starting to affect our relationship.

I know guys say that when they split, but it really was. We were guys that we would love to have dinner together and hang out, and it started — what was going on on the course was starting to bleed off the course, and that’s not what you want”.

- Zalatoris said as quoted by golfwrx. Their friendship has lasted for a long time, but Zalatoris has set some priorities that his former caddy does not fit into. "He’s an incredible friend. I love him to death, and I told him I had to do what’s best for me.

Like I said, he’s just an amazing friend. You know, obviously you can tell how hard this decision was on me, especially the timing of it, but I think it was just getting a little unhealthy for both of us, and it was — obviously it hurts”.


What is very nice to hear is that Zalatoris still has a high opinion of him and wishes him the best. "We both kind of sensed it for a little bit,” Zalatoris said. “And, you know, nothing’s permanent.

It’s just something that, like I said, he’s a brother. I love him to death. And obviously it was on my mind. I mean, the finish that I had obviously made the day [Friday] a little bit better, but the frustration between the two of us had just kind of carried over the last month.

Like I said, first and foremost, I love him to death and, you know, he’s one of the funniest guys I know and obviously I’ll miss his humor over this next bit, but as I said, nothing’s permanent”.