David Feherty on his LIV Golf job: Bull****. They paid me a lot of money

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David Feherty on his LIV Golf job: Bull****. They paid me a lot of money

David Feherty is now part of the LIV Golf Series, in the role of the commentator of course. Feherty was straightforward when explaining why he swapped the NBC Sports mic for LIV Golf; "Money." "People don’t talk about it.

I hear, ‘Well, it’s to grow the game.’ Bull****. They paid me a lot of money." Feherty obviously wanted more freedom than he had. He believes that many people want to extinguish someone's character with their rules, and that not everyone can be what they want.

This will be his opportunity to show his true self and his humor. "An opportunity to be myself again," he said. "It’s become more and more difficult, especially in sports broadcasting, to have any kind of character.

Charles Barkley can say pretty much anything he wants, because it's, ‘Oh, that's just Charles.’ And it is just Charles. But I have become more and more guarded over the last few years. There are people waiting around every corner hoping to be offended by something.

**** those people. "Our lives are being shaped by small groups of mean-spirited people who have no sense of humour. We're in danger of losing our national sense of humour because of this."

David Feherty on Saudis

Feherty believes that LIV Golf is criticized too much, given that it is supported by Saudi Arabia. "The 9/11 Commission said that the Saudi government wasn't involved," Feherty said. "People that criticize are doing business with China, doing business with Russia.

China, in particular, is a country where they're murdering Uyghurs left, right, and centre, and their human rights record is horrendous. You can point to various countries throughout the world. I wouldn’t want to behave like that, but wherever golf is, good happens, and I’m hoping this will do the same thing. [LIV] has said its going to donate $100 million to area charities."