Patrick Reed, LIV golfer surprised the public: "My motive is not money, but.."

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Patrick Reed, LIV golfer surprised the public: "My motive is not money, but.."

Patrick Reed is angry about the various rumors that are circulating. Most believe that LIV Golfers made the decision primarily because of money. Reed denies such allegations. “I can tell you this much: the guys who are out there, it doesn't matter what the dollar amount is - to be honest with you, as the players we're sick and tired of hearing about that - at the end of the day when you go out there, you're playing for something more than just yourself."

- Reed said, as quoted by golf monthly. The next challenge in his career will be the International Series Korea. Reed is a person who wants various challenges. His goal is to play on tours around the world and meet new people.

Game growth is the biggest motive. "I think a lot more guys will start playing Asian Tour events. I know from personally talking to guys about trying to grow the game around the world, the only way to do that is by travelling the world and playing different tours and events and International Series.

The only way to grow the game is to get outside and go places and I've always loved to travel and play, and to be able to play events like this is a treat for me. And the guys that are playing a wider schedule, they are going to come over and play events like this and I think that just helps all of us out."

Patrick Reed's motive

In addition to what he stated as the main motive for playing, Reed gave another interesting reason. "I'll never forget the British Open. You can sit on the first tee and watch every single player.

If you sat on the first tee and watch every single player take the first tee shot, you would be there from 6.35am to 4.15pm. There's a reason why the average age of the consumer who watches golf is 65. I mean, kids don't have that attention span.

I don't even have that attention span to sit there that long! And so having a product like LIV - a game of 54 holes - means it's more of a sprint."