Cameron Smith, 100 million dollars from LIV

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Cameron Smith, 100 million dollars from LIV

The war between the PGA and the LIV continues. Not only the war in terms of the complaints that have been presented by some and others. If not also the transfer war. The Saudi tournament continues to set the golf world on fire and this time it has been with the alleged signing of a golfer who has been causing a sensation in recent months, Cameron Smith.

Cameron Smith, offer

The leak continues in the PGA, more and more golfers are accepting the millionaire offers provided by the LIV. According to The Telegraph, the last to sign for this controversial organization would have been the winner of the British Open and current number 2 in the world Cameron Smith.

The LIV would have offered the Australian golfer a multimillion dollar amount of 100 million euros to join the competition. It must be remembered that Smith has already been asked numerous times about the highly controversial tournament.

In fact, the last time was just winning his last title. "I just won the British Open and you come to me with that?" declared the Australian. Well, after these statements and according to the English medium, Cameron Smith will compete in LIV next season.

This loss is a big problem for the PGA. These exits make the Saudi tournament gain strength, which is already more than a reality. The contracts offered to players are excessive and, despite all the criticism that the tournament receives, they attract too much attention from golfers to reject them.

You just have to remember the amount offered to Tiger Woods to join the tournament. Nothing more and nothing less than 800 million euros. Meanwhile, as is well known, both organizations, both the PGA and the LIV, maintain a pulse in which even legal action is being undertaken.

Several complaints have been filed in between and some resolutions have already been carried out. In fact, the latest controversy has happened this morning on Wednesday, August 10. The judge has agreed with the PGA and Talor Gooch, Matt Jones and Hudson Swafford will not be able to compete in the FedEx Cup playoff.

Busy times are ahead in the world of golf if they are not already. The LIV and the PGA will continue to battle during these months and who if both will be able to live in harmony at some point. For now, the first blow has been dealt by the PGA with this resolution, however, who knows what LIV is capable of doing to get away with it.